Ah! Summer is here. Now you can finally find out the will to get out of your cosy bed and do your favourite activities. Soon the streets will be filled with the ‘pom pom’ of ice cream trucks, and kids will run out to buy their favourite popsicles.

On the other hand, adults were waiting to slip ice into the glass and sip their favourite beverage on a perfect Sunday afternoon. Oh! That reminds us, how are you planning to beat the heat this summer? 

When summer arrives, the temperatures climb, leaving everyone exhausted, hot, and out of sorts. Staying hydrated is crucial to remaining active in this oppressive heat and maintaining excellent health. When you sweat a lot, your body loses water more quickly.

While water is the most crucial drink to quench your thirst any time of the day, you can also try other hydrating drinks to consume water much more easily and keep your body cool. Let’s rehydrate and restore our bodies with some of the best summer drinks to beat the heat as we embrace summer. We provide a selection of summertime beverages that you simply must try.

Aam Panna 

We hope that we don’t need to remind you that, besides popsicles and chill beverages, summer is dominated by one more thing — Mangoes. The yellow fruit is a people’s choice, and they try to incorporate it into almost everything. So, we thought to begin the list with a beverage solely based on this crowd-pleasing fruit. Aam Panna is a delicious beverage to enjoy in the hot season. It is made with a raw mango that is a personal favourite of mine, and is combined with cumin, mint leaves, black salt, and a dash of sugar. This vibrant, delicious fruit, which both children and adults appreciate, is the focus of the summer season. Aam Panna increases one’s appreciation for mangoes by being both sweet and sour.


Who hasn’t heard about this beverage? In fact, your meal isn’t complete if you don’t sip a big glass of lassi at the end. The traditional Indian drink is made with yoghurt, water, herbs, and occasionally fruit. It is a super refreshing drink, and lassi benefits are famous worldwide. People usually drink it after a meal because it aids digestion and helps you tackle acidity. Moreover, lassi is an excellent source of probiotics that remote the growth of healthy bacteria and even boost immunity. Basically, it’s a power drink that you need every day. Traditional lassi is a tasty drink, sometimes spiced with crushed and roasted cumin. However, sweet lassi substitutes sugar or fruit for spices.

Watermelon basil coolant 

Watermelon is another popular summer fruit that people love eating day and night. Eating watermelon in the summer will keep you hydrated and energised while providing numerous health benefits, including weight loss. Another way to enjoy watermelon is by crushing it in your drink and preparing a beverage that you can sip after breakfast or a hardcore gym session. With the benefits of basil leaves, you can prepare a cooling drink that tastes amazing and will do good for your body. This summer drink recipe is lovely to prepare at home in no time to keep the summer heat at bay.

Pink lemonade

When it comes to refreshing summer beverages, how can we ever forget the good old lemonade? It is the ideal go-to summer treat that practically anyone can make at home with little effort and even fewer ingredients. Filled with the richness of vitamin C, try a lemonade that boasts the exquisite flavour of rose syrup combined with refreshing mint leaves. Who could resist this pink lemonade’s beauty and deliciousness? 


Preparing a list of refreshing summer drinks, and you thought we would miss Jaljeera? Not at all! Jaljeera is a simple drink made with just two key ingredients — water and jeera (cumin). Jeera, or cumin seeds, are roasted, ground into a coarse powder, and then added to water song with other spices. The ideal candidates for this drink are those with digestive issues, particularly in the summer. Drink a cold glass of Jaljeera, and the summer will seem like nothing. You can enjoy this delicious iced Jaljeera dish every day.


There is simply no better way to enjoy summer than to spend time outside while enjoying wonderful, cooling summer drinks due to the longer days and greater temperatures. One of these non-alcoholic summer drink ideas can complement lunch or dinner, whether you’re hosting a neighbourhood BBQ or a family picnic in the park. Of course, the best mocktails also go great with a summertime activity outside, a backyard movie night, or a relaxing day spent reading a book on the patio. Whether it's the benefits of lassi or the rich taste of mangoes, there is definitely something for you in every recipe.